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A really good comparison review of Raavanan and Raavan! :)


I always have faith in Abhishek Bachchan, eversince Mani Ratnam kind of re-launch him in Yuva as that “anti-hero” we all appreciate. People started recognizing Abhishek Bachchan as an actor rather than an ordinary man with 10 movie flops , who was is Amitabh Bachchan’s son. He, himself reassured his audience that whenever he does a film with Mani Ratnam it will always be THE MOVIE TO WATCH ! I couldn’t agree more. He gave us YUVA & GURU. Now the character of Beera in the film Raavan makes Abhishek Bachchan look like a sinister. Nothing new there- but he lack that big OOMPH to play Beera. I was disappointed with the film,and the only finger i can point to now is because of Abhishek Bachchan. Now this is a first, because i’ve all praises for this man -but he should not have played Beera.


Yes, i mentioned on my last review of “Raavan” that Abhishek Bachchan gave us something new, he bypass all his other conventional roles- and i applaud him for that. He’s brave to do another anti-hero role with Mani Ratnam. I think he didn’t defined the character as strongly as Vikram ( who played Veera in the tamil version ). As an actor you have got to find and create your own “WALK”, “TALK”, “MOVEMENT(s)”, Don’t start your character off with a name or a physical description. You got to Walk The Talk. If you understand your character well the audience will follow you throughout that journey. Abhishek did not became Beera, he PLAYED BEERA. His reactions to all situation was similar to when he’s being sad/angry/crazy or even vulnerable. So he got me confused.

Funny how i enjoyed watching Veera Than Beera. Funny how i even laugh at Vikram even though i don’t understand a word he’s saying. Funny how i preferred the tamil version than the hindi version. (WITH NO SUBTITLE).

Raavanan Veera

I don’t understand a word in tamil, nor have i watched a tamil film. The whole visceral effect in this film differs from hindi cinema. The cast was solid, and there WAS a STORY. There was a PLOT. How strange ? I think it helps me better understand their character and acting more, without busy reading the subtitile. I did not miss an action, a twitch or a spasm from any of the characters. Aishwarya Rai was so true to the charcter Ragini, because Vikram, Veera allowed her to [take and receive] in other terms to react to the situation and to react when ever Veera annoys the hell out of her. I understand Veera’s character completely. There’s an intention in his actions. Why did he shout ? Why did he lose control ? Most importantly why he kidnapped Ragini, and fell in love with her after ? when you understand that character so strongly nothing else matters.

A weak plot becomes an extension to that rock solid character. And i have to especially mention his essence and importance in the film. How i keep addressing that less is more. The lesser you give in, the more the audience will receive. Don’t spoonfeed us. We’re not babies ! And Vikram- my clothes hats off to you, you sexy beast you :) Whenever he speaks, there’s truth in whatever he says. It’s so rare to find an actor as sincere as Vikram. I have not watched his previous tamil films- but i think i’ve fallen in love with Vikram acting as Veera!


Abhishek looks like he wore an over the top eye liner and make up saying “Hey! Look at me , yes i’m dirty, i got mud all over me”. Too literal perhaps ? Like i said, i don’t need to be spoon fed.

On the other hand, Vikram looks like he’s one of the tribes. The leader of the tribes. The Veera in all Raavanan. I mean,it’s a character choice on how much mud you want to be in your face. But please KEEP IT REAL. Be truthful. Abhishek looks like he’s making a mockery out of himself. Vikram looks like he blended with the other cast in the song ! Watch the video below. I think you’ll get a rough idea what i meant.

I still love and respect Abhishek. He’s brave, too brave ! But this role ? – NOT FOR HIM!

Oh! and the tamil DEV -Prithviraj Sukumaran. All i can say is Aishwarya Rai is one lucky Bi#%* ! When Prithviraj as Dev and Vikram as Veera fought on that bridge- i was all eyes, ears, mouth and nose.TWO hot guys fighting on the bridge. No fire can be as hot as both of them ! Yes- sadly, i’m still a sucker for hot looking celebrities. I still succumb to them. Fast forward to 3.35min. You can thank me later :)

GO WATCH RAAVANAN IF YOU HAVE NOT! You don’t want to miss this brilliant piece of cinema. If you have not read my review on Raavan, CLICK HERE


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