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Surya Marathon :)

Believe it or not, all I watched this whole week were Surya movies! ( I had break). Now, I am like a huge fan of him. But still a huge fan of Prithvi,but in Malayalam :) Surya's eyes say everything,RGV was right he has power in his eyes, where he can emote: . Now here are movies I watched this week of Surya and ONLY him. :D In order from most fav,and down...

1. Sillunu Oru Kaadhal
This movie will always be my most fav movie of Surya,because this THE movie that I started liking him a ton :) Love his romantic image. Here is my post on it: . Though it wasn't a hit, its one of those special movies for me. :) Love the music[A.R. Rahman] too especially the songs Munbe Vaa and Machakarri, the lyrics are wonderful[Vaali]

2.Vaaranam Aayiram 
Surya was awesome in this one, especially playing the role of a teen to an old dad! WOW! He had to go through a lot of physical strain to lose weight for the roles,especially the teens one. He played the role of Krishnan who was the father of Surya(played by himself). But he carried his roles through the film, wonderfully. I don't think anyone else could have done better! :) My fav pair in the film was Surya-Divya, they were so adorable :D Divya also proved she could match up to him. :) I loved how she went to any extent to get Surya, even joined the army :) The film even earned National awards, which it deserved :)
My post on VA:

3. Aayutha Ezhuthu 
Surya's role of Micheal Vasanth in this movie was very powerful. His role was based on George Reddy a student leader in the 1960s-1970s. He was very energetic and convincing in his role. He was also aggressive yet, sweet and smart/clever :) This role of his will always be one of most favorite roles, because it kind of reflects what Surya is in real life not just reel life. I liked the pairing of Surya and Esha, though she did look older than him.It was cool to see her in Tamil! :D To me it sounded as if Esha dubbed for herself, cause the way she talked in Tamil was weird. I LOVE this movie a lot now so I watched it twice this week :D My fav songs were Nenjam Ellam( Fell in love with lyrics),Yakkai Thriri,and Jana Gana Mana.
My post on AE:

4. Vel
I liked this film because it was targeted towards the family audience which made it enjoyable,with comedy,action,romance and everrytthinggg. :D This was Surya's second time in a dual role as Vetrivel(vel) and Vasudevan(Vasu). Surya-Asin were just soo cute! :D Love their pair, I think they looked better than Ghajini cause Asin looked a little older and better for Surya. I liked Yuvan's mass music :D My favs were Onnapola ,Kovakarra Kiliye,and Ottraikannale. Ottrakannale was such a beautiful song, reminded me of Suttrum Vidi from Ghajini. But, I do wonder if Surya had a grudge against her during the shooting of Vel because of the blunder about Sillunu Oru Kaadhal.

This is another one of the films I liked because again, it was for the family audience, which K.S Ravikumar specializes in. :D But, he seems to do the same kind of twists over and over again. Though this was a good movie, it was easy to guess the twist in the movie,which I won't say cause some of you might not have watched the movie.It was fun to see Surya be all evil one minute,and all funny and nice the next. :D I enjoyed all the parts that were taken in the house,where Suryas real family lived,it was hilarious. :D It was pretty cool to see yesteryear actress/heroine Saroja Devi back on screen, her role was more of a comedy character, with emotional elements. :D Nayan looked pretty in the film, made a pretty okay pair with Surya. :) They looked great in the songs Vaarayo Vaarayo,and Hasii Fisile( my favs). 

OKAY, Surya was EXTREAMLY stylish in this film! Made my jaw drop :D The part where he puts the diamonds around the water bottle,and on his head, is like WOAH DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING! His English actually sounds cool, best I have heard after Prithvi's it doesn't have a strong accent to it. His style is what made him up in this movie. :D Him and Tammana were a good pair, if only she was a bit taller. :P :D Loved them in the song Nenje Nenje, very sweet. A classy film I must say. :)

7.Singam-( Surya's 25th movie!)
Mass with Class is what describes this movie! :D We saw the rural Surya,but when he comes to the Chennai he is very classy with those t-shirts and jeans, not to forget the sun glasses. :) The film was good, but I was getting annoyed when he opened his mouth like a lion! He looked funny :D But, he is one of my most fav actors, so I forgive him ;) The Surya-Anushka pair was BEAST! They looked AWESOME together! SOOO CUTE ! Though Anushka is a bit taller than Surya, they looked fine. :) My fav songs were Kadhal Vandhale,En Idhayam,and She Stole my Heart. :) But from Anushka's acting in Tamil films, I can tell she does not know Tamil well at all. I say this because,she does not emote well when she acts in Tamil films,while in Telugu she is full of emotions in any film. Or maybe its just the dubbing artist of Anushka, but I really don't think so. She was better in Singam acting wise than in Vettaikaran or Rendu.  What I liked about this film was that it was reasonable, it didn't have stupid, unnecessary things in between.
One of my fav dialogues hehe :D : 

8.Mounam Pesiyadhe 
In this we see Surya as a guy who believes only in true love,and thinks all other lovers are non-true. He is brilliant in this role, because the role totally suits him and his looks. lol :D This was Trisha's second role as a heroine, and she was ok. She had unnecessary emotions at times, which were annoying. I liked Laila's cameo, it was cute and touching. :) Surya's eyes were so cool, ( Yes, I know they are contacts), but still! :D

9. Ghajini
One of Surya's Blockbuster films,and one of my favs! Surya was just AMAZING in the role of Sanjay Ramaswamy , when he had short term memory loss! The body language was like WOW. Asin was great too, I think she was only 20 when she did that role, so wow :D. This was THE movie where we saw Nayan change to a glamour doll, which shocked me, after I saw her in Chandramukhi. She was good for her role, not too much, not too less. But I thought the 'X machi Y machi' was not needed. lol :D It was sad to see Sanjay not tell Kalpana that he was actually Sanjay. :( Kalpana did not deserve to die, it was too sad. But overall a good movie. :) My fav songs were: Sutrum Vizhi(became such a HIT in both TN and AP!),Rahatulla,Rangola,Oru Maalai,and X-Machi Y Machi. So yeah basically all of them :D 

10. Unnai Ninaithu
This was Surya's 9th movie,in which he starred with Sneha and Laila. This movie was funny,romantic,realistic,and emotional. Surya's characters name was Surya :D I really enjoyed the comedy track of Surya and Ramesh,Ramesh was hilarious :D It was really different seeing Surya then and now look at him! :D I liked the Surya-Sneha pairing a lot, they looked good together, I don't know why, they just did. Surya was such a softie in this movie, cute to see him like that. :) I liked the way the movie ended when he doesn't say anything just walks away with Sneha. :) 

11. Aaru
Surya was great through out the film,his acting, the way he talked,body language, so natural. But the story didn't seem as strong to me. I liked it but, most of the movie was fighting( dishyum dishyum!). Surya played a harsh,mean guy outside, but a sensitive guy at heart,Aaru. Trisha plays his lady love,Maha. I love how Aaru takes revenge on his use to be boss, cause he SOO deserves it! MUAHHA :D But at the same time its very emotional for him to do so. Maha is the one who falls for Aaru first, I love the scene where she goes up to Aaru's place and tells him she loves him :D SO cute :) The music was very massy by DSP my favs were: Thottuta,Nenjum Ennam,and Soda Bottle. 

Yes the title is weird but its the proposing scene: 

Did I sound like I saw these movies for the first time? Well, no I have seen all the movies above before a ot of times. I have seen 22/26 of Surya's movies :)  When I was talking about how his role in AE reflects him in real life, I was talking about the Agaram Foundation Surya found :  

Surya keeps proving with every movie that he is one exceptional actor! :) And an exceptional person, with each day :)

Raktha Charitra 2 THIS FRIDAY!!!

Raktha Charitra 2 is releasing THIS FRIDAY!! ( Dec. 3) !!! IN ALL THREE LANGUAGES: TELUGU,TAMIL,AND HINDI. In Tamil its releasing in only one part. DONT FORGET TO WATCH IT!! HERE ARE SOME PROMOS: 

Aayutha Ezhuthu.....

This is such a great movie,well of course its Mani Ratnam. But WOW, the whole cast brings it to life be it Surya,Maddy,Sid,Esha,Meera Jasmine,or Trisha,they just add life too it :)  I actually think all three of the heroines dubbed for themselves. Even Esha sounded like she dubbed for herself :). I heard that she knows Tamil cause of her mom Hemalini. :) This movie is an eye opener for hypocrites like us to stop talking and do something, no offense. Loved the music too, my favs were Nenjem Ellam (awesome lyrics Vairamuthu) :) , Yakkai Thiri,  and Jana Gana Mana(Powerful one). But the whole soundtrack was exceptional :D AR RAHMAN WOOO!! ! :) Keep Scrolling down for my fav scenes :)

Here is the story to read:

Beastly Scenes: 


Ughh hate the part where Sid gets beat up! and when Surya is all wounded !

If I were you, I would watch the whoollee movie :) Cause The WHOLE movies is beastly :)

Some ScreenShots: I'm pretty fluent in Tamil, but watched it with Subs anyway, but really didn't need it. But looks cool to take screenshots with subs, cause the dialogue is down there :D


Love that part ^^^

They made it! ^^^^


Watched Unnai Ninaithu yesterday, and there is this scene where Surya and his co-star Ramesh Khanna are dressed in these funny looking sweaters with these funny looking hats! But they look adorable! :D

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Anwar producer lashes out at Amal Neerad

Raj Zacharia, producer of Prithviraj's latest filmAnwar, lashed out at his director Amal Neerad for allegedly demanding an extra ten lakhs in connection with the release of the film's dubbed Tamil version."

The film has already caused a loss of one and a half crores. Realizing this, both Prithviraj and Prakashraj have dubbed for the Tamil version without demanding any remuneration. But Amal Neerad demanded an extra ten lakhs as his remuneration to allow the print to be released from Gemini Labs," Raj said.

"Amal Neerad agreed to complete Anwar in 52 days with a budget of three crores. However, the film was completed in 78 eight days with a budget of five and a half crores. Amal used to take the first shot at 11 a.m. and wrap up the shooting by 6 p.m." Raj also said that he is planning to file a complaint against Amal Neerad at the South Indian Producers' Association. Amal Neerad is yet to respond to the allegations.


Super coming on 3rd December

The much awaited Super with Upendra and Nayantara in the lead, produced by Rockline Venkatesh, is releasing on 3rd December 2010. The film is directed by Upendra, who is directing a movie after a gap of ten yearsThis is Rockline Productions 25th film.The audio of the film released on 19th November is already a super hit. Akash Audio has purchased the audio rights for a huge amount.With censorship complete, the film is all set to release on 3rd December 2010. Initially it was thought the Kannada version will be released first and the Telugu version will be released later. Now both versions will be released on the same day. The Telugu version will be released abroad also simultaneously.

Ajith's Kadhal Kottai released as novel

Thala Ajith's critically acclaimed film Kadhal Kottai(1996), directed by Agathiyan and produced by Sivasakthi Movie Makers, has been released as a novel.The film won three National Film Awards:Best Feature Film in Tamil, Best Direction (Agathiyan) and Best Screenplay (Agathiyan). The film had Ajith and Devayani in the lead roles, apart from Heera Rajgopal, Thalaivasal Vijay, and Karan, who played important roles.

Dhanush’s secret gift to Tapsee

Tapsee is the heroine of Dhanush in ‘Aadukalam’. Sources say that when the film was in its final schedule of shooting in Madurai, Tapsee was finding it very uncomfortable at the sets and was finding difficult to communicate with people.
Seeing the discomfort of heroine, as usual the hero came in for rescue. After understanding what Tapsee's problem is, Dhanush gave a secret gift to the heroine after which she was able to feel at ease.
She even claims that now she doesn’t need any one to make her thoughts public because of the gift by Dhanush. So what is that Dhanush gifted that changed the life of Tapsee? It is nothing but a book "How to learn Tamil through English in 30 days". Not knowing the language was her problem.
Now she feels good in Tamil and her career in Tamil is also growing as her confidence. After ‘Aadukalam’ with Dhanush, Tapsee is eyeing on her next big project ‘Vandhan Ventran’ with Jeeva.

Kamal to do commercial ads

Commercial endorsements for consumer products were always a bitter pill for Kamal. Even though most his contemporaries would plunge into the first chance of making money through commercial endorsements the actor par excellence has always stayed away from those deeds.
But now we hear that Kamal Haasan has broken his resolution and will start accepting commercial deals for some big money. But hey guys don’t jump into conclusions. The great actor is going to do that for good causes.
Sources say Kamal will represent commercial product advertisements in future and make money only to donate all of them to AIDS control society. A great man thinks only great.


‘Kavalan’ will release smoothly

The Madras High Court has lifted the stay put on the release of ‘Kavalan’ responding to a case filed by J K Saravanan, proprietor of Tantra films from Singapore.
In his petition J K Saravanan had alleged that producer Romesh Babu had promised overseas rights of the film to him for Rs five crore and took Rs 1.5 crore as advance but later sold the rights to Cinema Paradise instead of Tantra Films.
Justice Rajeshwar who heard the case on Friday examined J K Saravanan after which he vacated the stay. As per the judgment, Shakthi Chidambaram and Romesh Babu have struck a compromise with J K Saravanan by giving him the colour lab contract.
Shakthi Chidambaran who has got the sole rights of the film has said, "The ban on ‘Kavalan’ has been lifted and so the film will release worldwide by December end without any hurdle."
The audio launch of ‘Kavalan’ film will happen in the first of December and later the move will release worldwide with over 1000 prints.


Santhanu waits for ‘Pongal’

Santhanu Bhagyaraj has finally confirmed that his forthcoming release ‘Siddhu Plus Two’, which is directed by his dad and veteran filmmaker K Bhagyaraj, will see the light of the day come Pongal.
“The delay was due to various reasons including the release of some big movies whenever Moser Baer (who have acquired the distribution rights) wanted to release Siddhu Plus Two,” the up and coming actor says.

“But the film will sure hit the screens on Pongal day,” the ‘Sakkarakatti’ hero says and adds: “I am hopeful that it will work big time with movie-buffs as it will be a typical Bhagyaraj film however adhering to latest trends.”

“Working with my dad is a pleasure. I learn many new things and he is a real task master on sets. One of the highlights of ‘Siddhu Plus Two’ will be the remix of “Naan Aalana Thamarai” from Idhu Namma Aalu,” Santhanu further says.

Trisha thanks Kamal

Trisha has expressed gratitude to Kamal Haasan, her co-star in ‘Manmadhan Ambu’, for improving her Tamil pronunciation skills to a great extent. “It was only because of Kamal sir I am speaking good Tamil now,” she says.

“Though I am a Chennai girl, my Tamil was not used to be that good. However, Kamal sir asked me to recite a poem in ‘Manmadhan Ambu’, and in that process, I learn Tamil well,” she says.

Describing the ‘Ulaga Nayagan’ a master in all subjects, the actress says, “His knowledge is amazing. He knows everything under the sun and yet he is so simple and down to earth. It was a great learning experience on the sets of Manmadhan Ambu.”
On the film, she says, “it’s a romantic comedy which will be thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. I can’t reveal much about the movie. All that I can say is ‘Manmadhan Ambu’ will be a different experience.”

Friday, November 26, 2010

Chikku Bhukku Official Website

Here is the official website of the movie Chikku Bukku starring: Arya,Shriya Saran,and Preetika Rao(sister of Amrita Rao) ! :

1.5 crore set for Sri Rama Rajyam

The makers of veteran Telugu actor Balakrishna's mythological film Sri Rama Rajyam, based on a chapter in the great epic Ramayana, have erected a set costing Rs. 1.5 crore. According to sources, this set is the ashram of Valmiki. Regular shooting will begin from December 2.

Sri Rama Rajyam, directed by Bapu, was launched recently at Ramakrishna Studios in Nacharam, Hyderabad. It has Balakrishna as Lord Rama, Nayantara as Sita, Srikanth as Lakshmana and Akkineni Nageswar Rao as Valmiki. Nandamuri Tarakaratna is said to be playing Bharatha.

Music is by maestro Ilayaraja. Mullapudi Venkata Ramana is the man behind the screenplay and dialogues. Camera is by P.R.K. Raju, editing by G.G. Krishna Rao, art by Ravinder, graphics by Kamalakannan and choreography by Sreenu.

Thaman bags five projects!

Thaman debuted in films as an actor with Shankar's Boys(2003), but later went on to become a prominent music composer in the South!

In his music career spanning less than three years, he has composed music for 10 Tamil films, including the much-acclaimed Eeramand over eight Telugu films, including KickAnjaneyulu and Brindavanam.

According to latest reports, the talented music director has five big budget movies in hand: Ravi Teja-Richa Gangopadhyay starrer Mirapakaya, Nagarjuna-Anushka starrer Ragada, Mahesh Babu-Samantha starrer Dookudu, Nara Rohit’s second film and Manoj Manchu-Varun Sandesh's bilingual multi-starrer.

M.S. Bhaskar escapes car crash

Comedy actor M.S Bhaskar had a miraculous escape, when his car toppled after being hit by a speeding car in the Pollachi highway. The actor was returning from Ooty where he was shooting for a Vikram starrer directed by Vijay (Madarasapattinam fame). The incident happened when Bhaskar, his secretary and another colleague were headed to Pollachi at 10.00 p.m. to take part in the shooting of Velayudham. Though the car turned turtle after the collision, Bhaskar and the others escaped unhurt. The actor continued his trip in another car and joined the Velayudham crew.