About Me

Here is my other blogging website: http://mykaadhalforthings.tumblr.com
This might be long, but I'm sure you will learn a lot about me :) : 

Hi! :D My name is Nikita! I love to watch movies and listen to music (Tamil,Telugu and Malayalam). :D and I am a Telugu girl born in the US  :)I'm sorta orthodox, but broad minded at the same time ;)  I watch more Tamil , Telugu , Malayalam movies :D I do classical dance, right now I am learning Mohiniyattam and then Im gonna go for Bharatanatyam. I love meeting people with an interest/passion for cinema, it  makes me super happy! :) Random fact here but, my favorite couple in the Industry of Indian cinema would be Surya and Jyothika. If you don't know who they are Google them :D They are just so ideal for everyone. I really don't have a favorite Actress or Actor,because I believe each one of them have their own talent.I'm multilingual, speaking English(obviously),Telugu,Tamil,some Spanish,and some Malayalam. I'm still in the process of learning Spanish and Malayalam and I want to dig deeper in the language of Tamil;like finishing learning how to read and write. I HATE Physics and Math! They ruin my life!! I completely disagree with the idea that actresses should stop acting after their marriage,cause how would the man feel if he had to stop his job after marriage? But if they want to stop they can :)

My life pretty much revolves around: family,movies,friends,education,music,dance and Cricket.How I came to like Cricket: http://scooponthesouth.blogspot.com/2011/03/my-new-found-love.html I like the colors White,Black,Baby Blue(As you can see from my blog's layout),and red,green,purple,pink,blue. Yes, I know I started every sentence with 'I', but its About Me! :) I'm such a twitter addict especially on the weekends, cause I get a ton of time to watch movies. Yes, I tweet about movies ALOT! :) You can follow me here : @iAMnikitap :) As you can see, I love using emotions when I write! :D But, I don't do it on essays, cause your not allowed to.

 Stuff your going to see on my blog are: Film News,Movie and Music Reviews from me, and a BUNCH of thoughts from me :D And I almost forgot! My birthday is on June 1st! I'm proud to say that I share it with Actor Madhavan, an actor in Tamil and Hindi films :D Just in case you are wondering, I made the background my self :D :D

Just felt like sharing my resolutions :) :D :
My Resolutions for the Year of 2011
1.Get Good Grades :)
2. Blog More! 
3.Drink Tea at least everyday: Its healthy for you :)
4.Try to watch English movies too.
5.Do better in education, especially Physics and Math.
6.Become a healthier me :D
7.Advertise my blog more 
8.Maybe get a domain for my blog :)
9.Finish Mohiniyattam and move to Bharatanatyam: PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! 
10. Convince my parents for an iPad ( teheehehehe) :D 
11.Be careful with money!! 
12. Try not to dress in sweats everyday :P 
13.Improve my blog :D
14.Try to take better photos/more photos :)
15.Add pictures to this page :D :P
I think this is it, I might add more :)