Monday, July 19, 2010

Dear John-The Book

So,I finished reading the book Dear John, which everyone said was an awesome read. It was a good book as everyone said ! :) It was a different kind of romance novel from what I have read before. It was weird how the girl betrayed the guy. Basically the book is about a guy(John) and girl(Savannah) who fall in love and he is in the military so he has to leave. And,she accidentally falls in love with another guy(Tim), what happens after that is the rest of the story. I felt really bad for John when I read the book, I was like "Poor guy"!. Because I thought she could have waited and stuff like that. I was touched about how he still loved her even after she fell in love with another guy, I appreciated that :) It was sweet :D If you haven't read this book then, you are missing out on a great book! You better read :D

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