Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Music Directors....Part 1

Music is a something that makes you happy,sad,mad,or makes you dance! :D But there are certain Music Directors
that can make you do those... like:
A.R Rahman
He is the music maestro of not just Chennai, but of India! Who can forget AR Rahman winning the Oscars for Slumdog Millionaire ?! It was a great thing for

all of India, which made every Indian proud , regardless of language! His music is just so different from others.. It just has something different about it. He is just too awesome... :) His music speaks for himself,so he doesn't need anyexplanation. :) Myfavorite albums are of his are: Komaram Puli,Raavanan/Raavan,Vinnaithandhi Varuvayaa,Slumdog Millionare
(of course! :D),Jodha Akbar,Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na,Azhagiya Tamil Magan,Sivaji the Boss,Varalaru,Sillunu Oru Kaadhal,New/Naani,Aayutha Ezhuthu/Yuva,Ennaku 20 Unnaku18,Boys,Baba,KannathilMuthamittal,Thenali,Rhythm,Kandu
kondeinKandukondein,Alaipayuthey,Mudhalvan,Padayappa,Jeans,Dil Se,Iruvar,Ratchgan
,Minsara Kanavu, and Kadhalan.Best ones are bolded :) Those are only my favorites so far, because there are so many more to come :) And I also really liked the tamil anthem song Senmozhi! It was really cool to get that many singers all together for one song! :D He composed it very well too :) From A.R Rahman
compositions, I would say Munbe Vaa will always be in my heart,because I loved the song soo much because it was about love and AR composed such a great song. :D

Vidyasagar to me has the ability to make any type of music. I mean he can do melodies,kuthu or mass songs,or amercanish songs,or amercanish mixed with kuthu lol :D. For example in the super hit album Dhool in 2003 he did kuthu songs for it like IthununduAruva Meesai,In

thadi. But he also did a romantic melody Aasai Aasai which was not kuthu. Same with other albums like Kuruvi,Majaa,and tons of others. Another album
which is worth mentioning is the tamil album for the movie Mozhi in 2007. In this album he did two of the best melodies I have ever listened to: Kannal Pesum Penne sung
by the great S.P Balasubramaniam and two versions of Katrin Mozhiye one was sung by Sujatha and one sung by Balaram both were very beautiful. The lyrics were meaningful too,which made you feel the songs.Kannal Pesum was a modification of Yella
man from the Vidyasagar's malayalam album Satyam Sivam Sundaram The critically claimed songs of the album were Katrin Mozhi and Sevanam Sellaikatti, which was also a mesmerizing song :D In Malayalam,Vidyasagar seems to score alot for Dileep. But I must say, I love his Kuthu songs! :D
My favorite albums of Vidyasagar are: Mozhi,Mulla,Meesa Madhavan,Pappi Appacha,Kochi Rajavu,Poovellam Un Vaasam,Nilavae Vaa,Villian,Dhool,Thirumalai,Ghilli,Madhurey,Ji,Chandramukhi,Maaja,Aathi,Kuruvi,Kandean Kadhalai,Anbe Sivam Bangaram. As of now those are my favs. :)

I am a fan of Srikanth's Kuthu/Mass songs! They make me wanna dance, and make up dance moves! lol :D But his songs are really fun to listen to! :D He is just like his dad music director Deva,who included Mass songs in every movie :D. The first songs I heard from him were the songs fr
om the Sivakasi whichI liked very much especially Kodambakkam Area and Ada Ennatha. The song Vacchukka from M. Kumaran Son of Mahalakshmi was awesome, it was ultimate kuthu! lol :D Everything went together for that song the beat,dance moves,vocals,everything! The song Bhamabara Kannaley was very very cool too :D it made me dance hard:D..My favorite
albums of him are : Sivakasi,M.Kumaran Son of Mahalakshmi,Bhambara Kannaley,Sarvana,Aalwar,Thiruvannamalai,Guru En Aalu,and Perumal.Its funny how he incorporates mass beats even into romantic beats, but I still like it :D

Yuvan Shankar Raja

Yuvan Shankar Raja is the son of the very popular and prominent Illaiyaraaja. Yuvan Shankar Raja's type of music seems to be very westernized, with albums like Goa,Baana Kaathadi,Sarvam,and others. But I do really like his music :) His tunes are always full of life especially albums like Vaamanan, Oy!,Paiyaa,Naan Mahan Alla and soo many others. :) I think he has lived up to his fathers name,personally :) His voice sounds lazy, yet suits many types of songs. My favorite albums of his are: Oy!,Sarvam,Paiyaa,Naan Mahan
Alla,Vaamanan,Goa,Dheena,Manmadhan,Kanda Naal Mudhal,Sandakozhi,Happy,Vallavan,Pudhupettai,Adavari Mataluku Ardhale Verulu,Yardi Nee Mohini,Satham Podathey,Kannamoochi Yenada,Vel,Billa,Aegan,Silambattam,Siva Mansula Sakthi,Thillalangadi,Pattiyal and Theeratha Villayatu Pillai,.

S.S Thaman or Thaman S.
One of the new music
directors on the block, with freaking awesome tunes! :D

Well, first Thaman was actor he acted in Shankar's "Boys" as Krishna. Then he turned music director with the Tamil movie Sindhanai Sei in 2008. Since then he has scored many hit songs in Telugu and Tamil.His music is different too, it has an airy feel :D
I think he uses effects in his music lol :D But it seems like he does,like for his kuthu songs and some of his other songs. If you have listened to his songs you would . :D But I have always liked his music :D His voice sounds deep and high at the same which is cool. His music is mostly kuthu/mass but with a little melody. His song Mazhaayie Mazhaayie from Eeram was a big hit in Tamil in 2009,it had a romantic feel to it. :D His songs from Kick were also a big hit in Telugu that same year,especially the songs Dhim Thana,Gore Gore,and I don't want love.My favorite albums of his are Kick,Thillanagdi,Moscowin Kaveri,Anjaneyulu,Eeram,
Sankham,Jayeebhava,Ayyanar,and Arindhu Arindhu. So basically almost all of them as of now, but more to come :D.

G.V Prakash
Okay, first of all I should mention that G.V Prakash is A.R Rahman's own nephew,so that has brought up the expectations of many. He debuted with the Tamil movie album Veyil,and the whole album was a hit! :D But the hit songs among the album were Urugudhey and Veyiloodu Vilaiyadu. Now to my opinion,I always like his music, I think most of it is classy. I think you will notice it if you listen to his songs from Polladhavan,Kireedam,Madrasinpattinam,Aayrithil Oruvan, Kaalai,Kuslean/Kathanayakudu,Ullasamga Utsahamga,and Darling.
My favorites from G.V Prakash have so far been the albums mentioned :D. But I always will love the song Akkam Pakkam from Kireedam, it is such a marvelous song with Sadhana Sargam singing it, and the sweet lyrics add to it. <3.

M.M Keeravani
I havent listened to any other albums of Keeravani except the ones from 2003(telugu). Even though he is old, Keeravani has managed to come up with young,fresh tunes! :D When I had no clue how old he was or how he looked,I thought he was because to me his voice sounded so young. But then after I saw a photo of him I was like WOW! he is pretty old but as a cool,young voice :D. My favorite albums from Keeravani are : Simhadri,Sye,Chatrapathi,Anukokonda Oka Roju,Vikramarkudu,Yamadonga,Magadheera,Vedam and Marayadha Ramanna.Almost all of his albums were hits! Especially the ones mentioned. My favorite right now is Prapancham Naaventostunta!( you can find the music video below in my Vedam review). It sounds so refreshing and makes me want to sing out load! :D The music video is really cool and has awesome dance movies :D.

I hope you liked my article :D But this is just Part 1, keep checking out the blog for the three other parts. Enjoy! :)


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