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Vedam-My Review

I watched Vedam 4 nights ago, it was one of the greatest Telugu movies I have ever seen, I swear! The director lived up to the expectations, really well. I know its a month and 12 days late to review this movie but, I just have to express my feelings about this movie. I loved this movie soo much, it will always be in my heart. :) I am sure that this movie will win a couple of awards..

1st of all here is the
Cast Listing so I don't have to remind of who is who :D :
Manoj Manchu-
Vivek Chakravathy
Allu Arjun-'
Cable' Raju a.k.a Anand Raju
Saroja a.k.a 'Amalapuram' Saroja
Ramalu's daughter in law
Manoj Bajpai-
Rahim Qureshi
Siya Gowtham-as
Rahim's wife
Lekha Washington-
Deeksha Seth-

Story -or should I say stories..
1st story: Vivek is rock star, who has a band that includes his girlfriend Lasya. They are on their way to perform in Hyderbad from Bangalore. After they reach Hyd. some events happen...

2nd story: Ramalu, a sari weaver has debts to be payed off. So, one day the money lender takes away his grand son to work on his field. He can only be set free if they pay the debt. So, now the only option they have is to sell his daughter in law's kidney, and they go to Hyderbad for that.

3rd story:Is about Cable Raju , who is educated but works as a Cable man, in the Jubliee Hills slum area. He has a rich girl friend Pooja, who thinks that he is rich too. But he acts like he is rich. Raju needs Rs. 40,000 to take her to this expensive party, what he does is his story.

4th story: Is about Rahim, who is a good Muslim man,leaving to Dubai with his wife. If you haven't seen the movie I won't say why they are leaving to Dubai. But, without doing anything he gets into the bad list of the police. To sum up this story is about that not all Muslims are bad or the same.

5th story: Is about Saroja, a prostitute that wants to start her own 'company' with her friend Karpooram. Both have no other way to live. But first they have to get out of the prostitute house they are in. What happens after they get out forms their story.
** All the stories take place on Dec 30-31

All five of these were great in the movie. But I think a big hand of applause goes to the Director,Writer,Dialouge,and Screenplay writer Radhakrishna Jagarlamudi aka Krish, for portraying such a marvelous and realistic story. Hats off to you dude! The dialogues were just so thought provoking, I swear!! I actually thought about some of the dialogues for two days! I really don't care if I sound weird,lol :D. The dialouge I thought about alot was "Sariga Savalaanikudda dubulu Kaavala raa" said by Allu Arjun. Which in english means: Even to die you gotta have money. I thought it was thought provoking because I was like wow! Thats totally true! cause if you see the movie,you will totally understand! Not saying that you should get money in wrong ways but, its saying Man! You need money for everything even for dying! When they showed Anushka who played a prostitute in the story they didn't show her in any vulgarity,which is good but we do understand about her through the dialogues not by what they show on screen. Cinematography was great too :D The movie was shown very realistically and Cinematography was done by VS Ghana Sekhar.

Music: Loved the songs! :D Ok,lets start off with my favorite song! Sorry,not going in order. My favorite song was Prapacham Naaventosthunte featuring Allu Arjun,Deeksha Seth and sung by Anuj Gurwara,Achu,Chaitra,Allu Arjun. So, I think the song makes you want to get up and dance! :D I really enjoyed the beat of the song very cool. :)The English lyrics( O baby fallin fallin Just love this feelin feelin Can't get you outta myyyy mind every body shake your booty go! -repeat-every chick in this pool dressed in white you like like an angel and I really know why I know why...) actually make sense,which is a first for the Telugu cinema industry, okay just kidding.Being a Telugu I'm being a bit harsh, but the truth hurts. ;) The female voice was very apt for the song :D and they said Allu Arjun sang some part of the song but I can't tell lol :D , they all sound the same. So, if you find his voice please do comment on this post. :D I really liked the visuals too,they were cool and upbeat. But I just loved the song! :D Even though its only like 2 minutes and 32 seconds, its still awesome! :D <3

The second song I liked was Engire pothe, which was featured on Anushka and sung by Sunitha,and M.M Keeravani. Sunitha sang it beautifully in the right way its supposed to be sung and Anushka acted well too in the song. Rupayi was also a good song had meaningful lyrics about money. All the other songs were great too but those are the only three that stuck out to me. :)

Likes: Obviously, I liked the story,I already told you the reason why. :) The dialouges,direction,screenplay, cinematography, and music reasons have been said why. I really liked all the characters in the movie, they really fitted well in their roles. But,I would say my favorite character was Cable Raju because he was an honest guy,even though he lied at first. I like how he gave back the money to Ramalu. Allu Arjun spoke the dialouges very well too, the accent fitted his character. :) It was funny when he said rich people don't smile. LOL! that cracked me up! :D I would have to say this is his best performance so far, so Parugu is his second best performance.Vedam260510_05.jpg
:)Anushka was great too like always! :) good acting done by her and her best role after Arundhathi. :) This has to be Manoj Manchu's best role he has ever played so far! NO KIDDING! :D He was rocking!! :D Second best would have to be Nenu Meeku Telusa/Ennai Theriyuma. Rest of the cast was awesome ,Deeksha is really adorable :D Nagayya was great for a first timer too he was very natural :) and I really liked the person who dubbed for Deeksha, her voice sounded super cool :D Who ever dubbed for Anushka are awesome! because to speak in that slang is not easy without sounding fake if you understand what I mean! I LOVED HOW THE LIFE LESSONS WERE SHOWN IN THIS MOVIE!!! :D <3

*******SPOILER ALERT*******

Dislikes: I didn't like how they introduced Anushka last. LOL! :D also how "Prapancham Naaventosthunte" was only 2:33. The ending I seriously hated, JUST HATED How Allu Arjun and Manoj Manchu died!!! :( It just broke my heart I could'nt control my tears when I watched the ending. :'( I was happy that the police understood Rahim so I was happy crying, but when I saw that they died I couldn't stop crying even after the movie ended :'(!!!

*******SPOILING DONE*******

THE END: So at the end, I liked everything except the ending, see its like this I like the ending for 40% but disliked it 60%. It was too sad :'( As I watched the movie the characters became real, which means the actors themselves have acted naturally, so naturally that they made me cry at the end.But I would give it a 4/5 and you may not like it but sorry its my opinion ;)

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