Monday, July 19, 2010

Man!,I am sad -Poonam out of Thriller :(

Gosh!,I am soo sad :( It's because Poonam Kaur was sacked out of Prithviraj and B.Unnikrishan's "The Thriller". :( It is said according to that Prithvi and director B.Unnikrishnan were trying to get Poonam's malayalam prounanciation correct so she could lip sync well. But then Poonam couldn't get it right at all and so they had to replace her with a banglore based model-Katherine Theresa. :( I was soo happy that finally somebody other than top actresses were pairing up with Prithvi. Because the latest pairs I have continuously seen are Prithvi-Samvrutha,Prithvi-Bhavana,Mamta,and Priyamani. :(But now no Poonam Kaur.If only she got her Malayalam right :(. Well its okay I have to get over it now :(. I know this sounds weird but I always liked it when Prithvi acted with Roma,Meera Nandan,Bhama,Sharmili,Jyothirmayi,Sandhya, Sreedevika,and Saranya. But that doesn't mean I didn't like the others they were awesome too :D I like it when they get a chance to act with someone who is like Superstar. But now we have to see how this Banglore based model-Katherine Theresa is gonna do.

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