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Madrasapattinam-My Review

I just watched Madrasapattinam yesterday, and I loved it,so I am going to review it! :D So far the movie is one of the best Tamil movies I have seen this year! :D We should all applaud the director,A.L Vijay for writing and directing such a beautiful story. Now For the Review:

Amy Jackson-Amy Wilkonson
Cochin Hanifa-Nambi
M.S Bhaskar
Carole Trungmar-aged Amy
Lisa Lazarus-Amy's granddaughter
Alexx O'Nell as Robert Ellis

The story takes place in 1947 and 2010. An old english lady is about to get an operation,but there are minimal chances that she will survive. When she knows that she says that she has to go to India.Her granddaughter takes her.When they arrive she has a 60-year old photograph of Parthi,with that the search for him starts.Now why are they searching for him? Okay, so now the story goes back to 1947,to when Amy arrives to Madrasapattinam(now Chennai). She meets Parthi when she goes to see Madras with Nambi,her funny translator,and Robert. But then she asks Parthi to show her Madras around and he does. After, that Sequences of events lead them to fall in love with each other.Amy even learns Tamil for Parthi.Also Parthi affectionately calls Amy Durai Amma. But then comes August,15 1947 when ALL of the Britishers have to go back to England,which means Amy too.................
Sorry guys,thats all I can right about the movie,don't want to spoil the movie! :D Because its a pretty new movie :)

Story,Direction,and Dialogue were done by A.L Vijay,and all three were great! :D The movie was shown so well,it was shown very convincingly.Especially Amy's part,of a nice hearted English women,who loves Parthi soo much. The story was wonderful,the characters were shown strongly and most of them were brave. The romance in the film was potrayed delicately,not overdoing the romance,if you see what I am saying. But sometimes,it sort of reminds you of the movie Titanic,as if it is the Indian/Tamil version of Titanic.The screenplay was fine too, every scene was in the place it's supposed to be,we don't get confused when they transition between time. The dialogues were just right,no change is needed.The good thing is they didn't use old Tamil lol :D Because I think I would have gotten lost! :D Nirav Shah,the cinematographer of the film,showed old Madras very well. This is what Indiaglitz said which I totally agree with! :) : What more, the lens of Nirav Shah has been at its best capturing them well on screen. The lights and shades, the colour tone and the difference in flashback and contemporary on screen hog all limelight thanks to the cinematographer. His work is one of the assets of the film. I did'nt see much comedy in this movie except the part where whenever Nambi(Cochin Hanifa) sees a camera he just stands sill without moving,which is shown in a humorous manner :D.And also the part where everyone in Parthi's place belives that the helicopters throw bombs and Amy laughs and tells them its just a myth. The Art Director of Madrasipattinam Mr.Selva Kumar should get special mention for wonderfully recreating Madras(Chennai) from 1947. The settings had a realistic look,they don't look fake at all. My favorites were the Central Station ,the beautiful British houses,trams,and the non-polluted water ways they showed :).

Arya was fit for the role,I don't think anybody else would have suited for the role. He looks brave,but shy too while talking to Amy.He is really funny when he tries to speak English and he ends up forgetting what he is about to say! :D He is really sweet as the romantic guy too.This has to be his best role till date! :D Now we come to Amy Jackson,WOW! she was awesome for a newcomer who isn't even Indian(she is British). Wow! she lip synced her Tamil perfectly! :D Especially in the song Aaruiyre,I was like woah,she is really good. She also gave good expressions in the film. Which is hard for someone like her,who is English. Cause there are some Indian actresses out their who can't even lip sync or give expressions correctly. But I am curious to know if she dubbed for herself in the parts where she has to speak Tamil,cause it sounded like she did. Amy is really beautiful too. Carole Trungmar as the old Amy was great too,she acted well too,especially at the ending..The rest of the cast was good too,they gave good support! :D I say that the whole crew gave convincing performances, but Amy was the best out of all including Arya. She was really good in the part where she tells Arya to leave from the boat.She was good as a struggling lady trying to protect her love. She emoted really well,in almost every scene! :)

*******SPOILER ALERT*******
Memorable Scenes in Madrasapattinam:
1.Where Parthi trys to speak english and he forgets how to what is your name and he turns around to remember what it was and Amy says "Marundatiya?" in an Engilsh accent. And he looks at her in awe and suprise.
2.when Amy wheres the sari and Parthi looks at her differently,like he is amazed,and shocked.
3.The part where a old man puts a Indian flag on Amys Jacket.But then relizes she is British and is about to take it off ,but then Amy stops him from doing so.
4.Off Course the scenes where Amy speaks in Tamil.
5.The song Pookal Pookum.
6.Where they showed all the stuff named after Duraiamma.

*******SPOILER ALERT DONE*******
The music of this movie well definitely be unforgettable,forever. I mean G.V Prakash gave stunning tunes! They suited that part of time really well! They were britishy,but Indian too. I don't think anyone would have done better. My favorites were Pookal Pookum,Aaruiyre,Vaama Duraiamma,and Kaatrile. My favoritest was Pookal Pookum becuase it sounded so precious and sweet! The singers Roop Kumar Rathod and Harini seem to have sung it with their sou.l lol :D I just loved from the first time I listened to it, I bet you did too :) Its really hard to explain about this song,it just touched my heart even more,after I watched the movie.I love the lyrics of the song alot too,they were so sweet and Romantic.:
pookkaL pookkum tharuNam aaruyire, paarththadhaarum illai.

O precious life [aaruyire], no one has seen the moment when flowers blossom.

ularum kaalai pozhudhai muzhu madhiyum pirindhupovadhillai

Even when it [the flower] withers, the full value [of the flower] does not separate and leave.

netRu varai neram pogavillai; unadharuge neram podhavillaiye.

Until yesterday, time would not go (as in, time went by too slow); [but] the time beside you was not enough (as in, time went by too fast)

edhuvum pesavillaiye inRu, eno edhuvum thonRavillaiye; idhu edhuvo

Today, I didn’t say anything, for some reason I didn’t feel anything; O this is something (e.g., something strange/powerful)

iravum viDiyavillaiye, adhu viDindhaal pagalum mudiyavillaiye – poondhaLire

The night did not break (into dawn), even if it broke (into dawn), the day also did not finish – O budding flower [this is the literal meaning of poondhaLire; the figurative meaning is more like 'damsel')

vaarthai thevaiyillai, vaazhum kaalam varai paavai paarvai mozhi pesume

Words are not sufficient; as long as we live, damsel, [our] eyes will do the talking.
[literal translation of the last part is more like: eye-sight will speak language]

netRu thevaiyillai, naaLai thevaiyillai; inRu indha noDi podhume.

Yesterday is not sufficient, tomorrow is not sufficient; today, this moment is sufficient/enough.

verinRi, vidhaiyinRi, vin thoovum mazhaiyinRi; idhu enna ivan thoTTam poo pookkudhe

Without roots, without seeds, without rain sprinkled by the sky; why are the flowers in his garden blossoming?

vaal inRi, pOr inRi, valikkinRa yuddham inRi, idhu enna ivan anbu ennai velludhe

without sword, without struggle, without painful war – what is this, his love is conquering me.
[I don't know what 'vaal' means in this context... vaal can mean Tail, like a monkey's tail; it can mean mischief (e.g., vaalaattam), but I don't know what it really means here]

idhayam muzhudhum irukkum; indha thayakkam ninru kondu niruthum.

It will fill the heart; this hesitance will continue standing and stop (our love?…)

idhai aRiya engu kiDaikkum viLakkam? adhu kiDaiththaal solla veNDum enakkum

To learn this, where do I get the explanation? if [you] get it [the explanation], you must tell me as well.

O budding flower

endha megamidhu, endhan vaasal vandhu engum eera mazhai thoovudhe.

What cloud is this? It comes to my doorstep, and in order to make everything wet it sprinkles rain.

enna uRavu idhu, edhuvum puriyavillai enRu boadhum idhu neeLudhe.

What relationship is this? Even when I feel that “I don’t understand anything” it [the relationship] lengthens.

yaar enRu aRiyaamal, per kooDa theriyaamal, ivanoDu oru sondham uravaanadhe

Without knowing who it is, without even knowing the name, you become his very own relation/kindred?

yen enRu keTkaamal, thaDuthaalum niRkaamai, ivan pogum vazhi en manam pogudhe.

Without asking who it is, without even being stopped by obstacles, my heart/mind goes the same way/path that he goes.

paadhai muDindhappiRagum, indha ulagil payaNam muDivadhillaiye.

Even after the path ends, the journey in this world does not finish.

kaatRil paRandhe, paravai maRaindha piRagum, illai thoDangum naDanam muDivadhillaiye

Flying in the sky, even after the bird disappears, the dancing that starts does not finish.

idhu edhuvo

This is something (strange/powerful)

Aaruyire was lovely too. It made you feel their pain for each other.Amy was very convincing in that song,with perfect lip syncing and expressions.Settings were pretty too :) Kaatrile was very situational,but nice.Vaama Duraiamma was funny,and Udit was good too in singing it :). I enjoyed the dance theme too,it sounded real fun :D and its where Amy dresses in a Sari :D

Likes: Story-Direction-Dialouge-Screenplay-Cinematography,Music Off course.!!! :D I also liked the settings in the movie,it felt like you were living 1947 :D I loved the music! G.V Prakash ROCKS!!! :D I really liked Arya,and Amy Jackson. They acted soo well! :D The costumes worn by Amy in the movie. Carole Trungmar she was good as the old Amy :) Also liked how Amy learned Tamil for Parthi,it was really sweet of her :D <3>

Dislikes:The ending it made me cry so badly :'(.

THE END:Okay,If you haven't seen Madrasapattinam then GO WATCH IT! Because if not you are missing a really awesome Tamil Movie! This will be one of your favorite Tamil Movies after you watch it. I am not kidding! But let me tell you before that you will cry a lot! I did from the part where Amy tries to get Parthi of the boat to the credits :'( But you will definitely love it :D Everything thing about this movie is marvelous! If you have seen it comment on the post of what you think of the movie! :D I want to know! :D EVERYTHING! A.L. Vijay comes back after the awesome movie Kireedom from 2007,but now he has made a better movie than before. :D

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  1. your blog is very lengthy.pls make it short pages.thank you.very nice.

  2. Thank you sooooooooo much for the translation of pookal pookum! You're the best.

  3. awww, ur welcome ur so sweet :D

  4. I work for the hollywood films, although Im in from madurai. I am a huge guy like the rock, but I have no shame to admit that I cried like a bitch watching this movie. Espcecially in the scene where Amy hides in the tram, and then rings the bell and meets Parthi. the BGM, they hug eachother. So much of emotions, empathy etc. I cant control myself. The fact that I came to work next day and watched that particular scene at work and couldnt control my emotions. I cried, uncontrollably. My coworkers sitting next to me were weirded out. well fuck them. So what Im a guy like a wrestler, cant I have emotions and show it. lol Great film. I can never forget this film until I die.