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57th South Filmfare Awards

Finally the most awaited awards of the year ,Filmfare Awards are out!YAY!! I have been waiting for them for a long time! :D I can't wait who wins! Oh,wait I can't since Sun Network doesn't air them till like the year after the awards take place. Thanks,Sun Network,...not! :( But anyways,The awards are taking place in Chennai,India on August 7,2010. Okay,now here are the list of nominees:

Best Film:
Naan Kadavul

Best Director:
K.V Anand-Ayan
Bala-Naan Kadavul
Suseenthiran - Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu

Best Actor:
Arya-Naan Kadavul
Jayam Ravi - Peranmai
Kamal Hassan - Unnaipol Oruvan
Prakash Raj - Kanchivaram
Surya Sivakumar-Ayan

Best Actress:
Pooja U.-Naan Kadavul
Sriya Reddy-Kanchivaram
Sneha-Achamundu Achamundu
Tamannah Bhatia-Kanden Kadhalai

Best Supporting Actor
Rajendran-Naan Kadavul

Best Supporting Actress:
Anuja Iyer-Unnipol Oruvan

Best Music Director-
Devi Sri Prasad-Villu
Devi Sri Prasad-Kanthswamy
Harris Jayaraj-Aadhavan
Harris Jayaraj-Ayan
Vidyasagar-Kandein Kadhalai

Best Male Singer:
Harish Raghavendra-Nenje Nenje-Ayan
Karthick-Hasili Fisile-Aadhavan
Karthick-Vizhi Moodi-Ayan
Krish-Chinna Thamarai-Vettaikaran
Naresh Iyer-Oru Vetkam-Pasanga
Tippu-Vaada Mappalai-Villu

Best Female Singer:
Harini-Hasile Fisile-Aadhavan
Shreya Ghoshal-Oru Vetkam-Pasanga
Suchitra-Chinna Thamarai-Vettaikaran


Best Film:
Arya 2
Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam

Best Director:
Chaitanaya Danthaluri-Baanam
Kodi Ramakrishna-Arundhathi
S.S Rajamouli-Magadheera
Sukumar-Arya 2
Surendar Reddy-Kick

Best Actor:
Allu Arjun-Arya 2
Kamal Hassan-Eenadu
Prabhas-Billa/Ek Niranjan
Ram Charan Teja-Magadheera
Ravi Teja-Kick

Best Actress:
Tammanah Bhatia-Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam
Kamalini Mukharjee-Gopi Gopika Godaviri

Best Supporting Actor:
Prakash Raj-Aakashamanta
Sayaji Shinde-Arundhathi
Sonu Sood-Arundhathi

Best Supporting Actress:
Ramya Krishnan-Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam

Best Music Director:
Chakri-Gopi Gopika Godavari
Devi Sri Prasad-Arya 2
M.M Keeravani-Magadheera
Shankar-Eshaan-Loy-Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kasthtam

Best Male Singer:
Anuj Gurwara-Panchadara Bomma-Magadheera
Baba Sehgal-Mr.Perfect-Arya 2
Kailesh Kher-Kammukunna Cheekatlona-Arundhathi
Shankar Madavan-Konchem Ishtam-Kick
S.P Balsubramanium-Indiramma-Mahatma

Best Female Singer
Amrita Varshini-Meghama-Prayanam
Nikita Nigam-Dheere Dheera-Magadheera
Priya Hemesh-Ringa Ringa-Arya 2
Sunidhi Chauhan-Saradaga-Oy!
Sunitha-Neela Neela Mabalu-Pravarakyudu


Best Film:
Evidam Swargamanu
Paleri Manikyam
Pazhassi Raja

Best Director:
Hariharan-Pazhassi Raja
Renjith-Paleri Manikyam
Ranjith Sankar-Passenger

Best Actor:
Dileep-Swa Le
Mammootty-Paleri Manikyam
Prithviraj Sukumaran-Robhinhood

Best Actress:
Gopika-Swa Le
Mamta Mohandas-Passenger
Swetha Mohan-Paleri Manikyam

Best Supporting Actor:
Lalu Alex-Evidam Swaragamanu
Manoj K. Jayan-Pazhassi Raja
Nedumundi Venu-Bhagyadevatha
Suresh Menon-Bhramaram

Best Supporting Actress:
Lakshmi Gopalswamy-Bhramaram
Lakshmi Rai-Evidam Swaragamanu
Padmapriya-Pazhassi Raja
Samvrutha Sunil-Neelathamara
Sona Nair-Passenger

Best Music Director
Deepak Dev-Puthiya Mukham

Best Male Singer:
Shankar Madhavan-Picha Vecha Naal-Puthiya Mukham
Karthick-Azhi Thira Thallipoyalum
V.Sreekumar-Anuraga Vilocha-Neelathamara
K.J Yesudas-Adhi Usha Sandhya-Pazhassi Raja

Best Female Singer:
K.S.Chitra-Kunnathe Konna-Pazhassi Raja
Shreya Ghoshal-Chanthu Thottile-Banaras
Swetha Mohan-Priyanu Matram-Robhinhood
Swetha Mohan-Thottal Pookum-Moz and Cat
Sujatha Mohan-Muthe Muthe-Kankanmani

**Note:Lyricist category is not out yet for all the languages.


What I think:
The Best Film should go to either Kanchivaram or Naadodigal. It should go to Kanchivaram because it was such a realistic movie. It was about a weaver,who promises to marry off his daughter with a silk saree. Which is so realistic,about the lives of sari weavers, which touched everyone's hearts. Everyone acted very well, with life. Naadodigal also deserves it because it portrayed such great friendship between three people. It was about three friends who help a guy and girl unite against there parents wishes, but the story isn't done there , they lose many things during the course,and bad things happen after they unite too. Though only one award is presented,both movies deserve it.
The Best Director is a hard category to pick from because all the directors in the category did a wonderful job in showing the movies. I would choose either.....mhmm,well actually I would choose all of them so I don't really mind who wins I am happy for who ever wins in the category :D.Uh-oh its the big one, Best Actor...dum,dum,dum,dummmm! lol :D Okay, well I want Arya for Naan Kadavul to win. Because he did a different role in all of his career,which he did really well as an Aghori.I don't think its fair if Kamal Hassan wins the award for Unnaipol Oruvan,as much as I like him,I don't think he should win the award. Its because Kamal Hassan,a superstar who has one many awards,and people should give a chance for other actors to win awards too.Now for the Best Actress award,this one also should go to Pooja U. for Naan Kadavul. She brilliantly enacted the role of Hamsavalli, a blind beggar who is forcefully separated from her group of people.I really don't like how Filmfare has incorporated Supporting actor and Villain together because they are totally two different things.But anyways, I choose Prabhu to win the award of Best Supporting Actor because he was awesome as the caring guy of Deva(Surya S.),and was also one of the comic relief's in the movie. :D For Best Supporting Actress, with no second thought I totally choose Abhinaya for Naadodigal! She was amazing,I swear! Even though she is hearing and speech impaired, she acted remarkably! I had no clue that she was hearing and speech impaired until I saw one of her interviews! I would not mind who gets the Best Music Director award between Devi Sri Prasad and Harris Jayaraj because I really enjoyed the soundtrack of Villu,Kanthswamy,Aadhavan,and Ayan but I also like Kanden Kadhalai but I didn't like every single song like I did for the four mentioned. The Best Male Singer should go to Karthick for Hasile Fisile because he made the song sound soo cool, especially in the beginning when he sings the lines:
Anbe unnal manam freezing
adada kaadhal endrum amazing excuse let me tell you something Ne sirithaal Iphone tring tring Ne pesum ambu yenmel paaya Kaadhal vandhu yennai aala varuvayo yennai kapaatra vandhaal madisaaiven vazha
These lines just sound sooo cool :D,they got stuck in my head ever since. :D Gosh!,The Best Female singer is soo hard to pick! I am going between Chinmayi for Vaayrayo Vaarayo and Rita for Allegra! The both sung very well for the songs :D Grrrr... its so complicated ! :D

For the Best Film here in my opinion is between Arundathi and Magadheera, its not because they were hits,its because they were different ventures for the Telugu film industry. I would'nt mind which one gets it but I am leaning more towards Arundathi because it was a female oriented role,and normally female oriented roles aren't accepted that well by people.

Best Director should also be between S.S Rajamouli for Magadheera and Koti Ramakrishna for Arundathi and new entries Surendar Reddy for Kick and Chaitanaya Danthaluri for Baanam! :D So this one is a really difficult one for me to pick. :( All these movies had really good and different stories from the norm. For Best Actor, it should absolutely go to Ram Charan Teja! :D He did really awesome stunts,acting,and dance! :D The Best Actress award, just as to, JUST AS TO!, go to Anushka! for Arundathi!!! :D She was AMAZING!!! :D JUST AMAZING!!! NO NEED TO EXPLAIN! :D Now, Best Supporting Actor is hard because everyone in the category was staggering and impressive,EVERYONE! :D So I will be happy if anyone wins, but I am leaning towards Prakash Raj for Aakashamanta lol :D hehehehehe :D Best Supporting Actress should go to either Kalpika,Manorama,or Ramya Krishnan, because they were really supporting to the movie :D See, even though Kalpika's role was brief in Prayanam she gave a different comic relief. :D Manorama was sweet and nice as a grandmother to Anushka and she dubbed very well for herself, it didn't have a Tamil tinge. Ramya Krishnan was perfect has a loving,but troubled mother. :D She just rocked in the movie :D Devi Sri Prasad for Arya 2 or Shankar-Eshaan-Loy for Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam should win the award for Best Music Director. :D The tunes for both movies were exceptional! :D Shankar-Eshaan-Loy gave really pleasant,and different music for the Telugu audience which I thoroughly enjoyed! :D I liked the whole soundtrack. Arya 2 had great songs too! :D, I loved the tracks: Mr.Perfect,My Love is gone,and Ringa Ringa. Best Male Singer should go to Anuj Gurwara for Panchadara Bomma or to Baba Shegal for Mr.Perfect. Panchadara Bomma was really sweet,and sounded romantic and cute :) <3>

Best Female singer is soo hard to pick again!! I'm going between Amrita for Meghama,Priya Hemesh for Ringa Ringa,and Sunidhi Chauhan for Saradaga. Amrita sounded soo sweet in the song Meghama and Priya Hemesh really gave a mass punch to Ringa Ringa, and Sunidhi gave romantic songs a new sound and look :D <3.>

Now for the last category I am going to talk about,Malayalam. :) For Best Film I choose Pazhassi Raja because that movie literally made history in Malayalam Cinema! :D The art in the movie was awesome as in the settings of the movie. Hats off to the Art director! :D

The Best Director category is always a hard one for Malayalam films,because every Malayalam movie taken is awesome! :D I like all the movies and directors in that category so I can't pick the Director! :D Ahhh! Its Best Actor again!, lol! :D Okay,I am going to say what I feel about this category in Malayalam. For the past couple of years I have been seeing only Mohanlal or Mammootty winning the Filmfare for Best Actor in Malayalam. I think that needs to change. Not that I don't admire Lalettan and Mammukka, they are my one of my favorite actors.But I think that people should give other actors to win the award other than those too. And please DO NOT think that I am only speaking like this because my favoritest actor Prithviraj is nominated, I am speaking about ALL other actors other than Mohanlal and Mammootty. This year I think somebody other than Mohanlal and Mammootty should win the award. You might be thinking,"Well Dileep and Jayaram won the award in between!?". Im going to say "well look who won the award in majority!".Sorry,if I have offended anyone,I was just saying my opinion. So this year I think another actor(Dileep,Prithviraj,or Jayaram) should win the award. Okay, now lets move to Best Actress :) The award should go to Priyanka Nair for Vilapanglkkapuram for acting as Zahira in the film soo brilliantly! She is lucky to have gotten such a good character in almost the beginning of her film career. :) Now lets move to Best Supporting Actor, Suresh Menon for Bhramaram should get the award because he played the character so well, which had tension and,scariness. He was really natural in his acting without overdoing it :). For Best Supporting Actress, I am going between Padmapriya for Pazhassi Raja and Samvrutha Sunil for Neelathamara,because both of them performed excellently! :D Both were great in their old-fashioned roles! :D They both played one of their bests in their career :)! Now for the category I have been waiting for in Malayalam..........................Best Music Director!!!! WOOHOO! :D Here I am definaley going for Deepak Dev for Puthiya Mukham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D With no second thought he should get it! :D His tunes totally rocked!!! :D Picha Vecha Naal was mind blowing!!!! :D No more explanation need. :) I don't need to tell you who should get the award for Best Male Singer but I will tell you anyway,if you don't understand already. :P Off Course Shankar Madhavan for Picha Vecha Naal!!!! :D :P Gosh!, I just loved that song :D It has a special place in my heart :) Shankar sang it sooo beautifully :) Its sooo hard to explain it in words.....It was just.....breath taking. Now Best Female singer just has to go to Swetha Mohan for Priyanu Matram!!!! :D She was rocking! She made the song sound so sweet and romantic! :D Her voice was just right for the song! :) It was very youthful and like honey lol :D

Some Titles are hyperlinked either to reviews or video songs :)

So thats what I think about the nominations for Tamil,Telugu,and Malayalam! :) Now,tell me what you think! :) Please Comment your opinion on the nominees for the Filmfare South Awards. :) Tell me who you think should win and why. :) Thanks :D

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