Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Calcutta News - its not a newspaper, its a movie! :)

Calcutta News. A Malayalam movie starring Dileep and Meera Jasmine in the lead roles. I wanted to write about this movie cause it made be aware of people and places I go to and people I speak too. The movie deals about trafficking women in India, which lead to sex rackets.It opens with Dileep(Ajith Thomas) getting a national award for a film he makes which is called Shadows of Calcutta' shot entirely with his mobile phone, and he shows the movie after. The movie is about Krishna Priya(Meera Jasmine) whose "husband" brings her to Kolkata(calcutta) to sell her, but she doesn't know that :(. She is a very innocent girl, who can sing well :). But then he gets killed and she found beaten in there little lodge room they were staying in after a couple of days, and she is locked in there by her husband. One of the Calcutta News person finds her there. Ajith Thomas(Dileep) is an anchor at Calcutta News, he investigates Krishna Priya's husband case, while she stays with him. What happens during that time and what they encounter in the dark parts of Calcutta forms the story. It is very touching and sad once it gets to the climax, it made me cry :'(. It made me think why people are like this! ? WHY DO THEY TREAT WOMEN LIKE THIS? It made me aware, and made me think I have to be careful and everybody else does too. Dileep and Meera Jasmine were really good in their parts, they made the film feel real. Meera was really awesome, she stole the show with her acting!:D Well off course, I mean she won a national award for best actress for her movie Malayalam movie Paadam Onnu: Oru Vilapam which was her 9th movie! :) But the movie was soo real and it was shot soo realistically. Especially the Climax was very alive and read. Well, I really liked the movie it really opened up my eyes. I know its 3 years old , but I watched it just 3 days ago if you haven't watched it yet then go watch it on DVD or something!!! It's great!!! Watch the trailer I uploaded ! :D

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