Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Little Raavanan Review! :)

*ing:Vikram,Aishwarya Rai,Prithviraj,Priyamani,Karthick,Prabhu

**Villian in Telugu

I didnt know which picture to choose so I made a collage :). Ok now for my mini-review:
The movie was magnificent!!!!! ♥ I have no idea what the heck the reviewers of websites were talking about!!!! Vikram was amazing!!!!!!!! His best performance after Pithamagan(Sivaputrudu)! :D Ash was great too :) She dubbed for herself in Tamil as well but she didn't sound weird at all! :) Prithviraj was good to his extent too! Priyamani even though in a cameo, was good b/c of her dialogue before she dies, she expresses so well and dubs well too. The part where Dev(Prithviraj) suspects Ragini(Ash) just breaks my heart!!!! :'( It made me tear up :'(. But I loved how she was brave about it and went to Veera(Vikram) about it :) I just loved how she noticed her love for Veera! ♥ THE LAST TEN MINUTES ARE MARVELOUS AND PRECIOUS !!! :'( ♥ I hate the part where Veera gets shot by Dev at the end though :(!!! It made me cry after seeing Ragini stand up for him and everything. THE DIALOUGES WERE SIMPLY SUPERB, I SWEAR!!!! HATS OFF TO MRS. SUHASINI MANIRATNAM!!!!!! :D The amazing dialogues were what made up the characters and their characterization. Very great dialogues I just loved every single dialouge between Veer(Vikram) and Ragini(Ash) they were just amazing ! :) Also,a great movie directed by Mani Ratnam sir :) The cinematography was brilliant too, the movie was shown beautifully and again hats off to Santosh Sivan and V. Manikandan! :) I really,really,really loved the pair of Vikram and Ash they looked awesome!! :) ♥ The music was very good too my fav songs were: Veera Veera,Kattu Sirukki,Kedakarri,Usure Pogadhey. Naan Varuven , the song played at the end of the movie was touching too it added to the scene in the movie :(. The other songs were great too but I didn't like them as much. The Kattu Sirukki in the movie was different (the one between Vikram and Ash) that one was good too, it had a different flavor. :) Ash still looks gorgeous. :) She looks fine without make up also :) My favorite was the last 10 minutes except when Veera dies In my opinion Vikram and Ash steal the show as a great lead pair and with their awesome acting skills! :D

To Sum it all up This is definitely my favoritest Tamil movie after Alaipayuthey(Sakhi) and Sillunu Oru Kadhal(Nuvvu Nenu Prema)! ♥ It was an awesome movie! :D I loved it! ♥ ♥ ♥

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