Saturday, October 9, 2010

Raktha Charitra,Uthamaputhiran,and Action Replyy Micro music reviews!

I totally got inspired from Louella to do these micro/mini reviews :D In this post Im going to write small music reviews of Raktha Charitra(Telugu),Uthamaputhiran(Tamil), and Action Replayy(Hindi).
1. Raktha Charitra
Music is by Dharam-Sandeep,Sukwinder Singh-Bapi-Tuttal,Imran Vikram,Vijay Kurakula. Wow! The lyrics of each song are very powerful! They talk about violence in almost every single song! You don't have to violent to like the songs, like the Raktha Charitra people said to me on twitter. :) They sound more like revenge type songs/music. My favs/picks are Gundello and Dorkithe Chastavu. The lyrics really enrage you, again very powerful.

(Click Play to play the songs)

Please Do vist the offical website:

Vijay Antony proves his talent AGAIN! :D Awesomely insane songs he has come up with! :D Great beats and everything! The songs of Uthamaputhiran seem better than Ready, but then again I shouldn't say that since they are different languages. DSP did a good job for the Telugu audience, while Vijay Antony did a good job for the Tamil audience. My favs/picks are Ussume Laresay and Idicha Pacharsi,two very awesome songs! They are like dance party numbers. But Oh my gosh! Ussume Laresay is soo addicting! Idicha Pacharsi sounds like a marriage type song. :)

3.Action Replayy
Okay, now I know Action Replayy isn't a South Indian movie, except the fact that Ash is South Indian.:D Listened to it for Ash and because I seemed to be out of the world of Bollywood. :) Anyways, I hope y'all know that Action Replayy sort of takes place in the 1970s :) So most of the tunes give you a feel of the 1970s :) But Awesome songs! Hats off to Pritam! He has come up with very "Groovy" tunes! :D My Faves/Picks are Zor Ka Jathka and I Am Dog Gone Crazy, even the remixes are great! :D Im actually looking forward to watch the movie :D
Couldn't find the songs to embed :( BUT click here to listen to them! :D Action Replayy Songs

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