Sunday, October 3, 2010

Endhiran : The Robot; 2nd Slot In USA

For the first time in the history of US Box Office, a non english film Endhiran, which stars rajinikanth, who enjoys a demi-god status among 100 million tamil people, has got the 2nd place(No.2 film) in the entire USA on 30th Septemeber.

According to a hollywood media, which reported this news couple of days ago, this feat was achieved by Endhiran(The Tamil version) on the Thursday the 30th Septemeber 2010 and as per the trend Endhiran will hit the No.1 spot at the US box office on Friday.

As per Rentrak, the audience measurement company in USA, it turned out to be the No.2 film in the entire USA on 30th Septemeber with the Hollywood flick “ Social Network” taking in the No.1 position.

In USA there is a trend of premiering a movie one day ahead of the actual release of the fim and it is called "Paid Previews". Endhiran achieved this feat only in Paid Previews. We have to wait couple of days before the actual position of "Endhiran" in US Box office to come out.

Though no major hollywood flick of any major hollywood stars released this friday, for a indian/tamil film it is an Unrivaled and Unparalleled feat says the critics.

It seems there is no boundary for Rajini magic and it works every where despite the language barriers.

Rajini is a phenomenon, No denying that!!!

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