Friday, October 22, 2010

Movies I saw Last weekend!

Didn't have time to post this post the whollee week so here it is now :) : It felt like I had ALOT of time Last weekend! I watched 5 movies,when normally I watch 2-3 movies. :D They are in the order of which I saw them :)

1.Boss Engira Bhaskaran
The movie starred Arya and Nayantara in the lead roles,Arya as Bhaskaran and Nayantara as Chandrika. Funny Movie, the whole family can watch it! :D Arya and Santhanam rocked especially that dialogue "Nanban Da!" was so sweet. :) Makes me want a friend like Santhanam. :) Nayan was pretty and had some places to act in. :) I liked how the film didn't have any fight scenes in it :) And also I loved Jeeva's guest appearance it was HILARIOUS! :D It also had one of my fav actress Vijayalakshmi, remember from the movie Friends where she was Vijay's sister and Surya's love interest? This movie is a must watch :D

2.Punyam Aham
Aha! Finally get to see Prithvi's Punyam Aham! I don't have enough words to praise Prithvi!! :D Prithviraj's character was Naarayanan Unni and Samvrutha as Jayasree. Its a different film, makes you think deep and understand. But WOW! Prithvi had a very contrasting role from his earlier roles,and he has done WELL! He was great in his body language for the character,its hard to explain, you have to watch the film. :D Samvrutha was good too, like always. :) Its a different role for her too. The movie takes place in a village.... Official Website:

Oh my GOSH I just LOVE this film NEVER EVER get tired of it!! :D LOVE Premji,Jai,and Vaibhav they sure are one Hilarious triple. :D I have soo much love for this movie :D The Pairs are: Jai-Pia,Vaibhav-Sneha and Premji-Melanie. My favorite was all of them! :P The funniest were Premji-Melanie and Vaibhav-Sneha. The scenes between was like OMG! :D hahahaha :D My most favorite Comedy has to be when Vaibhav asks Jai for the towel,but he can't in English,hahahahahah :D 


This movie stars Jagapthi Babu and Priyamani. The movie was ok,sort of cheesy though... Its ok to watch it once. But it sorta gets boring..... Priyamani has got to STOP exposing UNNECESSARILY! 

5.Baana Kaathadi
Awesome, Heart Touching movie. Seriously! :) Atharva was awesome for a newcomer :) Samantha SERIOUSLY looked like a kid, NO JOKE! She must have been really young since this was her second movie she shot for. She was okay in acting to not bad :) But I hated the ending :( so tragic and Sad :'( But a movie to watch and don't miss :)

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