Saturday, October 9, 2010

Aval Peyar Tamilarasi.......

I have been wanting to watch Aval Peyar Tamilarasi since last year, and I finally saw it last night. Not a bad movie :)......

Jothi(Jai) falls in love with Tamilarasi(Nandhagi) from a small age. By the time they grow up, Tamil is acing her studies and Jothi is failing. She passes in her high school in first class. But then again, Jothi fails. Tamil also gets into a engineering college in Pune. Jothi who is deeply in love with her doesn't want her to go. What he does after changes Tamil's and his life forever.......

Jai was awesome, second movie of his,no actually third movie of his in which he proved his mettle after Subramaniapuram,and Goa. I mean he was great as a man who falls in love,but then is confused of what he had done. Nandhagi was great for a newcomer! Im full of praises on her! :D She was just awesome! By the way she is a Tamil girl in real life too. :) We really do need talented actress who come from the language they act in. :) She is pretty AND talented! :D Also, just note that the movie mostly takes place in a village. 

The music was nice, it really gave the village feel like it was supposed too. Once again,Vijay Antony rocks! :D The song Nee Otha Sollu Sollu was touching,especially the lyrics.
The song Palyan Kottai had the cool mass beat to it! :D It was hilarious too :D

My thoughts:
I seriously loved the ending! The ending couldn't get better than that. I thought Nandhagi was soo pretty :) She had that tamil look to her, well of course the producers saw her in a temple :) Jai was cute, but I didn't like him with out a mustache. :( Both Jai and Nandhagi acted so well :) I thought they shared great chemistry. :) Very cute.  The story was good, maybe JUST maybe could have been better. I thought some parts were not explained in depth as they were supposed too. Otherwise, it was great :) The trailer is what caught my eye,and made me want to watch this movie. :) 

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