Friday, October 8, 2010

"As a actress I didn’t achieve anything" :Bhavana.

Now there is no chance for Bhavana in tamil. She was acting in Malayalama nd Telugu films before and now she is acting in kannada films. If we ask “Whether you are getting married ?, she becomes furious. “As a actress I didn’t achieve anything still. This disturbs me a lot. Everybody asks me when i’m going to get married. After i prove or acheive something in film industry only i will get married. If i do marriage before acheive anything that will keep distubed my mind and heart always. That will upset my family members also. I have idea to get married after giving a superhit film only. I have acted in 4 languages like Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. Since Malayalam is my mother tongue i didnt face any problem in that. Acting in Tamil and Telugu also i didnt find any difficulty. Now i’m acting in Kannada. I do struggle a lot without knowing the language. ” said so Bhavana.

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