Thursday, June 9, 2011

Will 'Badrinath' click well in K'Town?

It is always a good idea to do remakes instead of dubbing a film in a different language. While the trend today is to make a full-fledged film in any one of the south Indian language and then dub it in the rest of the languages. While this is the easier way out technically and does save time filmmakers should also consider if the audience enjoy seeing a dubbed version on the big screen and whether they get their money's worth.

While some stars in Telugu like Allu Arjun have developed a good fan base beyond their territory it would please the audience if they appeared in films transcending barriers. A few blockbuster films in Telugu despite much hype bombed at our box-office.

'Bhadrinath,' a Telugu film will hit theatres tomorrow. The film has been dubbed into Tamil and Malayalam versions because of Allu Arjun's craze in these two regions. The star has a huge fan following in Malayalam and most of his movies are dubbed to suit the tastes of Mollywood audience, and they have faired well as well.

Though the dubbed Tamil version will be screened after a month of the original release we just have to wait and watch to find out if this film will overcome the hurdles which a dubbed film usually faces and shine bright or just fizzle out after the initial crackling, we only hope it does well since it's a much-awaited movie among Telugu folks.


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