Thursday, June 9, 2011

Geetha Arts sues PVR Cinemas

Allu Aravind's Geetha Arts has sued PVR Cinemas in Gurgaon for Rs 5 crore accusing them of failing to protect the intellectual property rights and abetting piracy of '100% Love'. Geetha Arts accuses that pirated CDs of '100% Love' were found to be recorded in screen six of PVR Cinemas in Gurgaon.

Geetha Arts claims that their anti-piracy teams have conducted searches and confiscated a few CDs of '100% Love' in the market and based on the forensic watermarks on the pirated CDs, they found them to be recorded in PVR ambience mall, Gurgaon.

"It amounts to abettment of piracy by allowing master copy to be recorded at their facility" a statement from Geetha Arts said.

Based on the evidence, Geetha Arts sued PVR Cinemas for Rs 5 crore as damages to their revenue. With the production house releasing 'Badrinath' now, it has warned of severe action against video pirates if they attempt to bring out piracy CDs of 'Badrinath'.


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