Saturday, April 2, 2011

We have WON it after 28 years! :D

India has one the ICC World Cup 2011 beating Sri Lanka, and many other teams in the process! It was a tense match between India and Sri Lanka but India got through. M.S Dhoni being a great captain, brought us to the win. Dhoni is a cool captain he never looks tense,neither is super tense;but he knows what to do. Part of the win also goes to Gary Kirsten, for coaching the team so well; and helping them improve India's bowling and fielding skills. The ICC World Cup happens every 4 years, in different countries that play cricket. This year it happened in India,Sri Lanka,and Bangladesh.  The countries were split into two groups: A & B, India was under B.

Cricketers who played in the World Cup this year: 
M.S Dhoni(Captain)- Role: Right Hand Batsman, Wicket Keeper
Sachin Tendulkar-Role: Right Handed Batsman,Right-arm leg spin,off spin,medium pace
Virendar Sehwag-Role: Right Handed Batsman, right arm off break
Yuvraj Singh-Role: All-rounder, Left handed batsman,Slow left arm orthodox bowler
Gautam Gambhir- Role: Left Handed batsman, Right arm leg break bowler
Virat Kohli-Role:Right Handed Batsman,Right arm medium pace
Yusuf Pathan-Role: All-rounder, Right handed Batsman, Right arm breakoff
Suresh Raina-Role: Left handed Batsman,Right arm off break bowler
Zaheer Khan-Role: Left Arm fast-medium bowler, also a right handed batsman
Harbhajan Singh- Role: Bowler: Right arm off break also a Right hand batsman
Ravichandran Ashwin-Role: Right arm offbreak, Right Handed Batsman
Ashish Nehra(didn't play in the last 2)-Role: Left arm medium-fast bowler also a right handed batsman
Munaf Patel-Role: Right arm medium-fast bowler, right hand batsman
Piyush Chawala(couple of games)-Role: All-Rounder ,Left handed Batsman,Right arm leg breaker
Sreesanth(only the Final)- Role: Right arm medium-fast, right handed batsman

India played against: 
vs.Bangladesh- won with a score of 370/4 in 50 overs- 2/19/11
vs.England- tie with a score of 338 in 49.5 overs.-2/27/11
vs.Ireland- won with a score of 210/5 in 46 overs- 3/6/11
vs.Netherlands-won with a score of 191/5 in 36.3 overs-3/9/11
vs.South Afirca-lost with a score of 296 in 48.4 overs, SA score-300/7 in 49.4 overs-3/12/11
vs.West Indies-won with a score of 268 in 49.1 overs-3/20/11
Quarter Finals: 
vs.Australia- won by a score of 261/5 in 47.4 overs-3/24/11
Semi Final
vs.Pakistan- won by a score of 260/9 in 50 overs-3/30/11
vs.Sri Lanka- won by a score of 277/4 in 48.2 overs SL had a score of 274/6 in 50 overs.-4/2/11

Man of the Matches: 
Virendar Sehwag-1
Yuvaraj Singh-3
Sachin Tendulkar-1
M.S Dhoni-1
Man of Tournament- Yuvaraj Singh because he won Man of the Match thrice. :) 

India was really weak in bowling in fielding when they played England, cause they kept on giving the boundaries and singles,but after playing Ireland and South Afirca, they started getting way better in those two fields. India's bowling and fielding was the strongest when the played the final against Sri Lanka; India was not giving up singles and or boundaries. India already had a strong batting side. 

The most tense games were for India were:  vs.England,Australia,Pakistan,and Sri Lanka since they really counted. England was just too much waiting because it ended up being a tie, it was sort of a easy win against Australia, cause they weren't playing well that day;same with Pakistan, but the score was pretty close, we won by 29 runs. Sri Lanka was super tense, because obviously it was the final and every single Indian heart was beating for India to win. We ended up winning in the ending but once again with a close score, in some parts we had more runs than balls that were left, so that caused a worry; and also Sehwag and Sachin got out pretty fast.

Who Played in the Final against Sri Lanka:
M.S Dhoni
Sachin Tendulkar
Yuvraj Singh
Virendar Sehwag
Virat Kohli
Gautham Gambhir
Harbhajan Singh
Suresh Raina

It was the youngsters like: Kohli,Gambhir,Dhoni,and Yuvraj that made/helped India win, but in all it was a huge team effort. They just proved, that we can win without Sachin if we have too and its all about team work.All of them played super good in the Final, its like they unleashed the monster in them :D 

Gautham and Dhoni's partnership scored the highest runs ever, in the history of the World Cup for a final. Dhoni also passed his 6000 runs in One day Internationals. Sadly Sehwag's performance was disappointing as the matches went on, he started getting out fast. I also think the Indian team has to work on their running except Dhoni, since he is naturally fast. I don't think they should have replaced Nehra with Sreesanth, instead they should have picked Ashwin, since he has played in the World Cup matches before the Final, unlike Sreesanth. 

I really didn't like how they bought religion into the game of cricket, for when India and Sri Lanka were playing against each other. People were like: India is the Land of Ram and Sri Lanka is the Land of Raavana, so since Ram beat Raavana in real life, we would beat SL. But really, anything can happen in the game of cricket. :) 

The sportsmanship of Kumar Sangakarra, the captain of the SL team, should be appreciated. If someone were in his possession they would be mad and pissed, and not talk right. But he was like "When you have such an awesome batting line-up, even 300 is not enough, "(Their) batting is unbelievable, best in ODI cricket, MS is very intelligent, very smart. ,Gambhir is one of the best players I have seen as a let-hander, and he had that partnership with Virat. MS knew what he had to do," That was really nice of him, instead of saying something negative, or nothing at all. Same with the Australian captain,Ponting, who said that they,themselves, played bad, and he said India would win the Cup. 

This is the second time India has won the World Cup after 1983! Im proud of India!! And I will remember this day! JAI HO!! :D 


  1. a deatailed analysis!!!when did u learn cricket??i mean,u being born in the US,how did cricket get into ur life?do u watch only india's matches r others matches as well.n which team r u supporting in the IPL??anyways,congrats!!!

  2. Read this:

    and I might support CSK since Dhoni is my fav :)