Sunday, April 10, 2011

No tension between Dhoni & me: Yuvraj

MUMBAI: Yuvraj Singh was a star long before MS Dhoni made his debut for Team India. But in the years since then, Dhoni's career has followed a relentlessly upward trajectory while Yuvraj's has waxed and waned. 

Does Yuvi ever feel resentful? Is there any truth to the talk of there being a strained relationship between the two? 

We put the question to Yuvraj, and he dismissed it immediately. "MS and I have a very good relationship. He's always backed me and I've always supported him. So I don't understand where all this speculation comes from." 

Was it true that he and Dhoni were once interested in the same young woman, a popular Bollywood actress? "I read that too" he quipped. 

Yuvraj went on to effusively praise Dhoni. "He's one guy who grasps things very quickly and has really transformed his game. Youngsters can learn a lot from him. And I think he has handled the captaincy really well." 

However, Yuvraj added, jokingly, that he did have a grouse against Dhoni. "He never invited me for his wedding! I tease him about it at least 10 times a day. I told him when I get married, I will invite the whole team but I will make sure he will be dancing outside the gate," chuckled Yuvraj.


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