Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tapasee's favorites Surya and Priyamani! (Written by Me)

Tapasee recently gave in an interview to about Vandhan Vendran. She was all in praises for Surya and Priyamani, when asked who her favorites were; and said she is a huge fan of them.. See for your self: 

Question: What are the movies that you saw recently?

Tapasee: .....I went to theatre to watch Raktha Charithra as I am a huge fan of Suriya even before I came into Tamil industry. As a north Indian, we only know Suriya as someone who did the Tamil Ghajini and I never imagined that I would one day be working in the same industry as Suriya. I make it a point to see Suriya’s films in theaters.

Question: Who do you find HOT in the industry?

Tapasee: Suriya is the only hottest person in the industry.

Question: Your favorite hero?

Tapasee: By now, you must have guessed that my favorite hero in Tamil is Suriya. Of course there is the super star and Kamal Haasan and I have met them also. But no offense to them, Suriya remains my favorite.

Question: Favorite heroine?

Tapasee: Not only in Tamil but in all the south Indian languages, Priya Mani is my favorite actress. She knows all the languages and she is such a wonderful, natural actor on screen. She delivers an effortless performance which is natural and spontaneous. Others might say the usual common names but I like Priya Mani.

Hope she gets to work with each of them in a couple of films! :) 


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