Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No One Killed Jessica Movie Review - Real.

No One Killed Jessica stars Vidya Balan,Rani Mukerjee in the lead roles; with Myra Tran,Neil Bhoopalam,Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub,Bubbles Sabharwal and others playing supporting roles. The movie is directed by Ram Kumar Gupta and music is by Amit Trivedi. The film is based on the True Story of Jessica Lall; who was murdered. 

Story: Jessica(Myra Tran) gets murdered at a party in which she is serving drinks at. The person who murders her is  the son of a high profile politician. How Jessica's sister,Sabrina,(Vidya Balan) fights for the Justice of Jessica forms the rest of the story. 

Myra was gorgeous, and funky in her role :) Vidya was just right, she was perfect. But her costumes looked different from the real Sabrina Lall.  Rani was the just the right "bitch"( as she describes herself in the film) to do the film, she was wild, yet had a sweet heart. :) The rest of the cast was great too, nice job in casting,Ram and Gautam Kishanchandani!:) All the actors poured life into their roles. 

Music by Amit Trivedi is touching, but what adds soul to the songs are the lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya. They just flow with the mood and scenes of the film. 

I truly salute the director for making such a true film, it was really heart breaking but at the same time touching. Jessica Lall's story is a huge tragedy. She didn't deserve to die at all. Sad to see all the witnesses turn hostile except one. Her sister is a role model for everyone,she stood up for what was right and so did the people of the country. Every aspect of this film is real, nothing filmy about it. 

After I saw the movie, I read about Jessica's death, and everything matched up, though I couldn't find anything about the reporter.....

Don't miss out on such a film, watch it; definitely will leave an impression. 


4/5- ****/*****

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