Friday, July 1, 2011

Srikanth's metamorphosis in 'Ethiri En 3'

From what director Ram has to say about his 'Ethiri En 3,' the film is not for the weak hearted. The film sees Srikanth in a rugged role with Poonam Bhajwa as his female lead. The film is believed to be of an action thriller genre, so what is Srikanth doing in this film with his good boyish looks and attitude?

The director reveals that it was Srikanth who helped him with various aspects with pulling off the film in the first place. Ram is also confident that Srikanth will get a commendable response for his portrayal in this film. At some places the director has unearthed some unknown facts to the outside world that happens behind bars, a few of which are thoroughly gruesome.

Poonam plays an investigative scribe in this film. Post 'Ko' many film makers are taking off with stories which involve journos, and with what is happening around in real world the decision seems apt.

Dharan is the music director and there are some peppy songs and some romantic numbers in the film. Most of the filming will be carried out in and around Chennai and the team will go overseas just to shoot a couple of song sequences suggest sources close to the film's unit.

We will get back with more interesting aspects on this soon!


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