Friday, August 5, 2011

Vishal, the good Samaritan

He is tall, dark and handsome too. His last release has taken is performance in K'town up by many notches. We are discussing 'Walter Vanangamudi' of Bala's 'Avan Ivan' better known to us all as Vishal!

The actor has carved a niche for himself in the slot of excellent artists with his above-mentioned role in director Bala's film.

The actor who is at the moment shooting for Prabhu Deva's upcoming 'Vedi' alongside Sameera Reddy recently came across a news item when his heart went out to the people involved. It was about a woman who had robbed a lady at an ATM at gun point (the only difference, the gun was a toy), claiming that she had robbed to feed her two children who had been foodless for two days.

Vishal reading this story in a popular daily is believed to have contacted his co-star Sameera to help him find out about the whereabouts of this woman who was in police custody in Kolkata.

Sameera seems to have zeroed in on the news provider who has in turn contacted the actor. All the actor now wants to know is if the woman's reason to rob was genuine for if she was faking. If the reason is genuine then Vishal wants to help her children and support them financially.

A man with a heart of gold truly, Vishal is!


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