Friday, August 5, 2011

Deivathirumagal Movie Review-For the Family

Deivathirumagal stars Vikram,Baby Sarah,Anushka,Amala Paul, and Santhanam in the lead roles. Its directed and written by Madrasapattinam fame, A.L Vijay. Music is by G.V Prakash,Cinematography is handled by Nirav Shah,and Edited by Anthony. DTM was also released in Telugu as Nanna.

Story: Nila(Baby Sarah) gets taken away from her father,Krishna(Vikram), by Swetha(Amala Paul) and her father(Sachin Khedekar); because he is a mentally challenged adult. Nila was born to Krishna and Swetha's older sister. How Krishna,and his lawyers: Anuradha(Anushka),Vinod(Santhanam),Priya(Priya) help him gain custody of Nila forms the rest of the story.

Performances: Vikram was outstanding! He had that childish innocence completely in him, we could feel what he was feeling throughout. Its amazing to see him be so flawless in his act.  Sarah is another great performer, totally on par with Vikram in terms of performance, and a cute little thing too. Anushka, this is definitely one of her best performances in Tamil till date,her role had power. Santhanam had a good role too, though comical, his role had scope. Anuska and Santhanam were a nice comedy pair. Amala Paul, her role was a bit small, but she performed well in what she had. But she did seem a bit stiff in some scenes.

Direction: All of us know that DTM is an adaption of the American film I am Sam. But Vijay hasn't taken all the scenes from I am Sam, he has only taken the basic plot. It's Indian to the T. Vijay does a great job in catering everything needed for the family audience,such as comedy,sentiment, a bit of romance,etc. Not to forget, the flow of the movie, everything transitions smoothly, though the song Vizhigalil oru Vanavil didn't seem to be needed. But overall, he has done a nice job.

Cinematography and Editing: Nirav Shah, is one of the most sought after cinematographers in Kollywood,and he lives up to his name in every single movie. Its movies like DTM that make him popular.  He knows exactly when to give what type of tone to which scene. Vizhigalil oru Vanavil ix exceptionally beautiful; Anushka looks gorgeous, so do her surroundings. The credit for the flow of the movie goes to Anthony,his job has been well done, but still a bit iffy on Vizhigalil oru Vanavil.

Music: G.V Prakash, totally steals our hearts with the Background music, exceptionally done. His BGM adds to the emotions of a particular scene, the BGM
 itself makes you cry. When it comes to the songs, sadly G.V Prakash has plagiarized two songs: Pa Pa Pappa(Walt Disneys Robhin Hood) and Jagada thorn(Amaan Ali Khan and Ayaan Ali Khan's Truth). Music seems average,my picks are: Vizhigalil oru Vanavil,Pa Pa Pappa,Aariro,and Vennilave.


  • Performances
  • Cast
  • Direction/Story
  • Cinematography
  • Editing
  • BGM
  • Some of the Music
  • Family entertainer
  • Vikram and Sarah, workout so well as father and daughter
  • Court Scene at the end


  • Vizhigalil oru Vanavil, seemed a bit out of place, wasn't really needed..
  • Plagiarizing of the two songs.
  • Credit hadn't been given to I am Sam, which should happen.

Final Say: Watch it, you WILL cry more than a bucketful,for sure. Its heartbreaking but, touching, the end is a bit unexpected. Watch it for sure! You will not regret it! Take your whole family! :)

Rating: 3.5/5


  1. I like the movie till the father(krishna) fights for his beloved little daughter (Nilla) with innocent love, I don't understand from where the practicality thought emerges in his mind to leave the little princes, to some one's hand, where she will not be happy but thinking about her father. Even though the differently abled father was convinced by an ordinary human being and worried about the daughter's future, he should have felt the love & loneliness of the kid. So the moral of my story is Love & Practicality is paradox, oxymoron etc.....