Saturday, September 11, 2010

Surya and Jo Special!

Guess what today is?! Its Surya and Jo's 4th marriage Anniversary! I decided to go down the Surya and Jo Memory laneeeee... :D

They both have acted together in seven(7) movies, as a reel couple, but then became a real life couple on September 11, 2006! :D

Movies they have acted together:
Poovellam Kettuppar in 1999: There are two music directors, who have split after a dispute. There two kids fall in love without knowing that. How they come together, with the consent of their parents is the rest of the story.
I thought they looked best in the song: Chudithar Aninthu
Uyrile Kalanthathu in 2000- Surya's brother Raghuvaran in jelous of all the attention Surya gets in his family, since he was a kid. The jelousiness grows into adulthood, and Raghu starts giving problems to Surya, with surya not knowing. When he finds out Surya and Jo are in love, he tells her Rowdy bro that Surya and Jo are in love, but instead of getting angry, he is soo happy! :D After a couple of days Raghu pushes Surya off a cliff, what happens after is the rest of the story.
Here is a song! :

Kaakha Kaakha in 2003! : Who can not know about this Super Duper hit Tamil movie?!?! :D Was the first Blockbuster of Surya! :D <3>
Two of my favorite songs from Kaakha Kaakha :) :
They looked soo cute in this movie! Their chemistry seemed soo alive in this movie than the other two! :D
Perazhagan(pronounced Perlagan) in 2004: This movie was a remake of the malayalam movie Kunjikoonan starring Dileep and Navya Nair. Surya and Jo one Filmfare awards for Best actor and actress for the movie! :D The movie's about Chinna(played by Surya) who is hunchback, one day he meets Shenbagam(Jo) who is blind. Chinna does everything he can to make her be happy, and helps her out. They soon fall in love. Another story is Karthick(also played by Surya), a violent college student, and Priya(also played by Jo) are in love. But she later gets killed, and her eyes are transplanted to Shenbagam, because of Chinna's efforts. But, thats not the end! Karthick comes back........ ( not that Karthick is evil or anything)!
A really cute scene of Priya and Karthick! :

A nice song of Shenbagam and Chinna :):
Maayavi in 2005: The movie was a remake of the malayalam movie Immini Nalloraal. Its about Surya who is a tourist guide,and also a petty theive. One day, or should I say one night, they break into actress Jyothika's house,but after he finds out its her house, he tries leaving. Then he is turned into the police by Jo and her family. The humiliation and the hard beatings makes Surya Kidnap her(Jo).
This was more like a comedy movie, it wasn't like dead serious, it was funny. :D

The Scene where Surya breaks into Jo's house :D :
A song from Maayavi :

June-R in 2005- In June-R Surya did a cameo, we only see him at the end of the movie when he comes to take her. He is always after Jo, in the movie(we only here is voice). Jo is an orphan. One day she sees an old lady,played by Saritha, that needs to get admitted in the hospital. Jo admits her, comes to know that she has a son who doesn't take care of her. So, Jo takes Saritha home and treats her like her own mother, and Saritha back treats her like her own daughter. But one day......
Sillunu Oru Kaadhal in 2006- This was their last movie together, before they got married. :) This movie is about Gautham(Surya) and Kundavi(Jo)who get married.Both look gloomy during the wedding. Five years later(2006) we see them happy together with a five year old girl,Ishu. When, Surya has to go to New York, for a while becuase of his job, Kundavi finds a truth. That Gautham was deeply in love with a girl Aishwarya aka Ishu(Bhoomika), when he was in college. But they had to split because of her father, a local MP, and he never found her again. When Ishu comes to India from Austrailia, she invites her to see Gautham............
It broke my heart, to see that Ishu's(Bhoomika's) heart was broken :( The letter she leaves at the end, is soo sad :(. All three Surya,Jo and Bhoomika shared excellent chemistry! :D

Telugu: Most of there movies were dubbed into Telugu, Poovellam Kettuppar as Deal,Perazhagan as Sundarangudu, Maayavi as Kidnap,and Sillunu Oru Kaadhal as Nuvvu Nenu Prema.

Both Surya and Jo are award winning actors. Jo has won many Tamilnadu state awards for best actress, and of course same with Surya he has won many awards too :D. I think Jo's most Unforgetable performances were her character in Perzhagan, Chandramukhi and Mozhi, simply superb!
For Surya: Pithamagan,Perzhagan,Ghajini,and Varanam Aaiyram. I know this is bad but I am gonna say Raktha Chairtra also, even before its release. I saw the trailers, and he is amazing, he is the man with fire in his eyes! :D

Happily Ever After....: Today, they have two kids: Diya who was born in August 2007, and a boy Dev born in June 2010. :) :) they are one happy family now!! :D A year ago, Jo did an Aircel ad with Surya, on tv :D
Surya and Jo with their daughter Diya :D

Also in 2008 Surya,Jyothika,Vijay and Madhavan did a Short film/Documentary on Education Awareness for Surya's Agaram Foundation. :) :)

For me, they are the best Star couple ever!!! :D Their relationship is still going strong which I truely admire and love!!!! :D Endless Love! :D

An Old but very sweet Interview that I find of both of them from 2008!:



  1. This is such a great post. Sweet.Thanks a lot for the trip down memory lane. I hope they do at least one more film together. Love their chemistry on and off screen.

  2. aww thanks :) and yes they are an awesome pair, always :D <3